Hello! Welcome to "Born to be King", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Togami Byakuya , a wonderful character from the game, manga and anime series Dangan Ronpa, created and developed by Spike Chunsoft and animated by Studio Lerche!

Togami is and arrogant and self-confident person who belives to be the best one in the world.
In fact, his title is Super High-School Level Heir, but he thinks that the world only revolves around him, so he adfirms that calling him Perfection must be the rightest choise to do.

Even if he's one of "the good characters" he's one of the most bastards one, and because of his heartless nature, more than a hero, he's the anti-hero here. That's the reason why Togami adfirms that he has no friends (and he doesn't want or need them too) and that whatever it takes, he'll never die in Kibougamine High School.
Eventually he's the one who promise to Monokuma that he'll win the game and he'll kill the puppet master of the game, no matter what.

Also he's a sadistic who likes bullying people, especially the weaks, girls and Naegi. Naegi is his favorite toy to make explain theories and showing profes, so reading their discussions on the Class Trial or the investigation time is really amusing~
Anyway, among the others Naegi is the only person he trusts a bit... at least, the one he trusts the most.

Anyway, he has even a good side... He's a tsundere after all.

I chose this title for his fanlisting instead of Super High-School Level Arrogant because Togami is the most self-assured person I've ever seen in my life. So Celes's observations about him are so perfect that I decided to extract this title from them.
In Dangan Ronpa Chaper 2 she says:

It’s useless talking to him.
The very concept of “losing” is something he doesn’t understand...
He’s a “Super High-school Level Heir”. A super-elite who was taught he was king ever since he was a child.
He has a destiny of victory attached to him since birth. And when someone comes to test that destiny...
It’s nothing but a game to win for him. Even if it’s a game of life and death... Isn’t that so?

It seems that Celes knows the true Togami Byakuya~

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