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Hi! Welcome to Across Death, the TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Ryuugu Rena , the main character from the game, light-novel, manga and anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, created by the mind-blowing Ryukishi07!

Rena is a mysterious and sweet girl that in the development of the series is the only character that can escape from death and kill the others without be killed. Her arm is an axe, that she uses without compassion for no one, in moment of madness.
Rena's life isn't simple but learning by her mistakes, she'll find the way to solve the problems with the help of her friends and not killing who she hates.

This fanlisting was previously owned by the sweet Fae , that let me adopt it in December 2008! Thank you very very much, I'll take care of Rena-chan with all my heart, she's my favorite since always! This is the second versionof the fanlisting, it needed a revamp!

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