You reached Ienai Kotoba, the fanlisting dedicated to Sonozaki Mion one of the main characters of the series Higurashi no naku koro ni.

    I'm so enthusiastic of being approved for this fanlisting! *--* I was shocked when I saw that there wasn't still a fanlisting for Mion after that it has been removed some time ago... maybe it was waiting for me!❤ She is really a wonderful character and my favourite among all of this series! *--*❤❤ So I feel very, very lucky to be the owner of this fanlisting!

    If you are a fan of her, please, don't esitate to join! *-*




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September 19, 2010: Added 12 new codes! *--*
July 22, 2010:
The fanlisting has reached 25 members, thank you!! *--*
June 06, 2010:
Crosslisted at Thefanlistings.org! :D
May 07, 2010:
I've added the affiliates and the icons, I'll start soon the part dedicated to her! ❤❤
May 06, 2010:
The fanlisting is up! :D ♡



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