Hi! Welcome to "Guardian Angel", the TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting for Amakusa Juza & Ushiromiya Ange, two awesome characters from the marvelous game Umineko no Naku Koro ni, created by Ryukishi07!

The relation between Ange and Juza isn't so deep in the first anime series, because they share more than a superficial bond that the anime show us, and their relation is better explained in Episode 6th of the game.
Juza is Ange's bodyguard and in the game and in the manga we can see a lot of cute scenes of them, especially when Ange is awakening while Juza is teasing her face with a finger! XD
Definitely, Ange of the 1998 isn't totally alone as she thinks. Juza feels more than something for her and it's undeniable, his words to encourage the girl are so strong, sincere and warm, he wants to protect her with all himslef, not just because his job. This is the reason why I chose "Guardian Angel" as title for this fanlisting.

For many reasons Ange and Juza are my favourite characters since the first time I started Umineko, so, please, visit the sections of the site to know more about them and their bond, I wrote all here.

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