Hello! Welcome to "Unbreakable", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Ohwada Mondo, a splendid character from the game, manga and anime series Dangan Ronpa, created and developed by Spike Chunsoft and animated by Studio Lerche!

Mondo is the first character of Dangan Ronpa that ever catch my attention, and it was since the first time I watched the first episode of the series.
He's strong and very manly, the kind of guy that if decides to make a promise, he'll do the impossible to keep it. He has a huge sense of honour that always takes him to keep strange decisions to show to the others how strong he is.
But even if Mondo looks self-confident and extremely strong, he's weak inside. His dramatic past that made him schizophrenic, and he has a complex in reguards of his deceased older brother, who was the one that Mondo admired the most.

Mondo's title is Super High-School Level Gang Leader, and his gang is called Crazy Diamonds. He founded it together with his brother Daiya (from here the title DiaMond), and Mondo was the N#2 in order or strength, but after his brother's death, he become the only leader and the N#1 of it.

Since Mondo's family was not a good one, he's accustomed to get by on his own, and because of this he can do a lot of things.
His strong and friendly personality is the reason why he's admired by Fujisaki and Ishimaru, and Ishimaru in particular considers him like a brother, even if they're the opposite of each other.
But Mondo has a dark side hidden in the bottom of his heart, and beacuse of this, he can't be sincere with the others about his real feelings... and he can't be honest with himself too, aswell as the fact that he's a big tsundere.

Anyway, feel free to read the proper section for major informations, because I can't spoil them here so brutally.

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