I chose this title because in my personal opinion these are the two words that better describe Mina's personality and heart.
Bloody because she's a Vampire, a pure-blood Vampire, and as all the creatures of her races, she needs blood. Also, when Mina is hungry, she totally falls on her victims in violent modes, even fighting, so she's always dirty of blood.
Angel because yes, Mina is a vampire but she's even a girl, an a person with a golden heart and an incredible inner kindness...........with who she loves, eh.
She seems a loli and because of her semblances of a child, she's cute. When Mina and Akira are together, she can show the best part of her, and many times, in his arms, she can be weak and needed of protection. Mina's sincere smile is sweet and a lot of things about her are innocent, so, these are the reasons why she seems quite an angel.

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