Name: Mina
Surname: Tepes
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Bloody Red
Status: Pure-Blood, Princess of Vampires
Abilities: Growing up in a hot woman when she releases her full power.
Dream: Creating a place in which vampires and humans can live together.
Lover: Akira Kaburagi

The main female protagonist, Mina is princess of the Tepes Dynasty and ruler of all vampires. As a pure-born vampire, Mina is a true immortal and her body matures so slowly that that she still has the appearance of a prepubescent girl. Despite this Mina is not shy about showing off her body at every chance that she gets. Her haughty and self-indulgent attitude often overshadows the reality that she is very protective of her fellow vampires that she rules over. She will do almost anything to protect their future, even if it means risking her own life. Mina has known her 'servant' Akira since the day he was born and despite her occasionally harsh treatment, she cares deeply for him and truly loves him. She is extremely possessive of Akira, stating that he was 'born for her alone' and refuses to share him with anyone else. When Mina unleashes her full power, described as revealing the true form of her soul, her body changes into that of a fully mature woman along with wings and armor-like material covering parts of her body.


Informations Source: Wikipedia

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