I made this layout using a lot of the the promotional images of the anime series. Two of them were full of quotes, so I cleaned them, and the most luminous images was incomplete in her clothes and in the shooes, but I reconstructed them because I absolutely wanted to use that images, is one of the few in which she's dressed, not just nude or hot as always! XD

The flowers I used are chrysanthemums, and the reason why I chose them are two.
The first one is that in my country, Italy, this flower is considerated "the flower of the departeds", because they bloom in the last week of Otober, and in Italy the first day of November is dedicated to the dead.
Since the athmospere of the series remembers me moments of that day, I chose them. The other reason is that in flowers language chrysanthemums are "happiness" and "life", in Japanese culture they're national flowers and even the emperor celebrates them in a party. :)

Also, chrysanthemum is considerated "the flower of life" and it's real meaning from greek is "golden flower", so isn't it perfect for Mina?
She's a vampire but she desires to live together with humans. She's blond and she's considered the most important person of the ancient and prestigious Tapes family, so I did my best to realize a layout that reflect what's Mina is in my mind. :)

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