Hello! Welcome to "Saigo made Akiramenai!" (that means "Don't give up until the very end!"), the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Uzumaki Kushina , the lovely and strong-hearted Naruto's mama from the popular series Naruto, created and illustrated by the great Kishimoto Masashi!

Kushina is Naruto's mama, but she died to protect her child right after his born, so we know her only from memories and flashbacks of other characters that knew her when she was alive.

Kushina was a very lively and kind girl, but the other children let her feels like an alien because of her red hair, so even if she had the dream to become the Hokage in the future, she felt alone and started to keed distance from everyone. It was because of Minato that she was able to open her heart to someone and to truly love herself again, at the point that she feel for him and it was the same for Minato, so the two of them became wife and husband eventually.

She was the second jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, and in it was to protect her son that Minato sailed it in her body together with him, and they died. Anyway, Naruto meets her inside of him, and Kushina's love is what saved him for losing himself once again. Her motherly instinct and love will always protect her son, together with Minato's will and feelings.

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Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina & Uzumaki Naruto's Fanlisting

Namikaze Minato's Fanlisting
Namikaze Minato & Uzumaki Kushina's Fanlisting

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