Hello! Welcome to "The Only Place I Belong", the TFL and TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Tenshouin Eichi , the charming and arrogant emperor of Yumenosaki Academy from the game Ensemble Stars!, created and developed by the company Happy Elements K.K!

Eichi is the president of the student council of Yumenosaki Academy. He looks like an angel. With that kind smile and that beautiful appearance he really looks like a prince, but appearances are deceiving. He is cinic and self-confident, even mean when he wants. He's considered the emperor of the school but at the same time the arrogant emperor. He loves music and performing on the stage, that considers the real place he belongs. But unluckily his healt is not good, so he has a lot of problems... that took him to have a bitter conclusion for his third year at school and his last performance with the unit which he's the leader, fine.
Eichi says that fine represents hope, and everytime I think about it I can't stop thinking about the hope that lives in Eichi's heart, the one that, together with fine and his pride, make him the strong-hearted person he is.
Eichi loves the school with all the heart, and not just like a student, because he's the heir of the family who possesses the school itself. So it's like it's a part of him. Anyway, he's a very interesting person and he's full of style and willpower.
He's the elegant white prince and and I love the way he has to be honest and to support the others as the same time he supports himself, even if he is not in the ideal condition to be an idol. I really hope he'll have the chance to get better soon, because I love Eichi's smile and he can't smile properly without shining on the stage!

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