You reached Forbidden Fruit, the fanlisting dedicated to Sakuma Rei, member of UNDEAD and one of the characters of the game, manga and novel Ensemble Stars!

    Okay, I lost all of my drool, but I finished the layout!!! ❤

    My passion for Rei started in a moment in which I was weak and I saw him in an event with glasses and a ponytail. I died for a moment and then I got mixed with any kind of feeling. That's it. I think that it can be explained in a better way but this is my best. Literally, I fell for him. ❤ And starting to know his personality, relationships with the other characters/family and such was still better because he's charming and captivating and dark and kind and annoying and I can't be helped because I'm really lost. I feel disarming everytime I see him. And I laugh everytime he says he's old because though he can say he's a vampire, he's still 18. I like a lot his being straightforward and honest toward everyone and the way he can be a father.

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan!


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