Hello! Welcome to "Irresistible", the TFL and TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Hakaze Kaoru , a charming and funny character from the game Ensemble Stars!, created and developed by the company Happy Elements K.K!

Kaoru is a member of the unit UNDEAD and one of the characters with the major self-development among the huge number of students of Yumenosaki Academy. He's the person that more than anyone else worked hard to try hide his real self not for a tsundere attitude but because of sadness and personal problems.
He's known as a playboy and girls are his hobbies more than singing and dancing, but the reasons behind his uncostant behaviour are very deep, hidden in his childhood.
Since we are speaking of big spoilers, please, feel free to read here my complete considerations about him, because the starting Kaoru and the current one are different for a lot of aspects that I'd like to discuss freely in his profile more than in this mere introduction to the general character.

I love him with all the heart. I feel like I'd love to hug and hug and hug him for the whole day and never let him go, because he really is a sweet person that deserves love and friends. I wish him happiness from the bottom of my heart and I hope he'll have great success in life as idol, but more than anything, I want to wish him happiness with friends and love with my all!

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