Hello! Welcome to "I Won't Run Anymore", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kiryu Zero , the hero from the mysterious series Vampire Knight, created and illustrated by the great Matsuri Hino!

Zero is the character that more than anyone else represents a real person here.
He's a vampire, but his heart is the most human that a creature could have.
He had a difficult life and he lost a lot of important persons, becoming someone with the fear to love and to be loved. But more than everything, he become someone that found a lot of reasons to fight and to go on hating himself.

He's a tsundere, but his heart is kind... and his love for Yuki and their beloved children is so sweet... That shows how much he wished happiness for the other and how much he wanted to be happy with them. And even if he always fought with all himself, giving his all and his deepest feelings to Yuki, he always remained the sad but kind-hearted one that she met in their childhood, and that become her lover and the father of her son. He also took care of Ai-chan, Kaname's daughter, as if she was his own one.

Definitely, Zero is the most adorable person in Vampire Knight and God Only Knows how grateful I am to have the chance to make this site for him!

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