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    I started to watch Soul Eater's anime and after few episodes, I could ensure that Tsubaki is absolutely my favourite famale character of this series! *--* And I have to thank with all my heart the kind and cute Kula who let me adopt this fanlisting in march 2010! ♥ Thank you so much, I won't ever let it go!♥

    If you're a fan of her, please, consider to join the fanlisting!! :D




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January 06, 2010: The fanlisting reached 25 members!! *---* Thanks a lot for your support~
March 23, 2010:
Relationship with BlackStar and plot of the story added. :)
March 19, 2010:
Image gallery added!<3
March 18, 2010:
I wrote Tsubaki's profile.
March 04, 2010:
The fanlisting is up! :D

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