Shizuka is Jono-uchi's sweet younger sister.
Thier Parents divorced and Shizuka took her mother, but even if Jono-uchi and her were apart, Shizuka's feelings for her brother was always strong, and for Jono-uchi is the same. Shizuka is a very adorable and kind girl, that place the other before herself. Her personality is quiet and peaceful, she can't make bad to nobody. From a misfortune she becomes blind and in order to save her, Jono-Uchi decides to fight in the Duelist Kingdom Tounrneament sighting to the first place for wins nearish money for her sister's operation. Shizuka always cheers for him and after the battle between Jono-Uchi and Malik Ishtar, she decide to follow her brother in order to assist his duels. She has high sensitive and when somebody needs her, she's glad to help him without ask nothing.

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