Name: Love
Surname: Momozono
Cure: Peach/Angel
Seiyuu: Oki Kanae

A 14-year-old schoolgirl at Public Yotsuba Junior High School. Love is a hyperactive, sympathetic and emotional girl, who tries her best at matchmaking but often fails. She adores dancing and is a big fan of the dancing unit "Trinity". She also dislikes sports and studying. She is being taught dancing by Miyuki, the leader of dancing group "Trinity" (Miyuki decides to teach her as thanks for saving her in ep one), whom she admires. She later forms the dance group Clover with her childhood friends, Miki and Inori. Later Setsuna joins the Group. Love has messy blond hair that is shoulder length which she wears in two tight ponytails at the top of her head. Her Pickrun, the Pirun, is pink and wears a chef's hat on its head. Peach's theme colors are pink and white and her symbol is the heart.
She Introduces herself as "The pink heart is the symbol of love! Freshly-picked fresh, Cure Peach!". In the Movie, and in episode 48 of the seires, she gains an upgrade called Cure Angel and introduces herself as "The white heart is everyone's heart! Flapping Fresh, Cure Angel!".


Informations Source: Wikipedia

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