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Hello! Welcome to "Pink Heart of Love", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Momozono Love / Cure Peach / Cure Angel , the main heroine from the series Fresh Pretty Cure!, created by Tohei Animation!

Love is an energic character and a leader that I adore. To me she's simply the most optimistic and stronger one from any Pretty Cure series.

She's a person full of love, and as her name and the power of her Pink Heart says, she wants to share it with all the world, making everyone happy.
Family and friends are the most important things for her and she's always ready to risk her life for justice.
As Love and as Peach, she's a person full of life that lives everyday giving all she got, looking at the realization of her most important dream: becoming a dancer!

Please, choose a link from the right to fully access the site and if you're a fan of Love, Cure Peach and Cure Angel, feel free to join her fandom !


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