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She always talk in a third person speach.
Marion seems a quiet and serious girl, but she has a contrast inside. Since she suffered much because people considered her a witch, she rised a deep hate for the world. This is the reason why she became schizophrenic.
She can't express her pain and she can't control her feelings. So her emotions are manifested in strange ways (she hides her face behind the hands when she laughs, she remains cold in front of a dead person, she doesn't smile for a beautiful event), and the saddest thing is that her tears flow when she doesn't understand the feelings of the others, not in the right moment.


The fighting against Mikihisa was the first moment in which she felt a little girl and not a war machine. She's always together with Chuck, but even if it seems just a doll, it's a terrible arm, that she uses to kill. She's a girl that lost her childhood and rejects the dreams of the others because she considers them like stupid things, but in her heart the truth is another, and Marion feels alone, terribly alone.


Chuck is a way to express her feelings without saying a word. A doll in the arms of a girl that lives hating who can dream. This is a contraddiction, and she knows it very well but she won't admit it with the others and especially with herself, because she raised a mask of indifference in order to don't be hurted anymore. She doesn't want to suffer again, she considers her life only the only thing she needs in order to get revenge against the world, but it's not the way to be happy, and she understands the truth thanks to the time and the battles with Yoh's nakama and the others.


Mari is part of the Hanagumi's Team (Team Flower) together with Kanna and Matilda, other two girls that share the same sad past with her: the witch mark.
Kanna is the leader and all of them follow Hao's orders, but they arent's closed and Mari isn't "friend" of the others.
Simply, she fights with them in order to be part of the Shaman Fight, but she never smile with Kanna or Matilda, she doesn't feel particular feelings for them.


She was totally devoted to Hao but her devotion was founded in hate, not in justice. Hao can understand very well her feelings but his goal isn't Marion's happyness, he just uses her like the others, in order to defeat his twin.
The anime finished when the manga was already on-going, so Mari will survive until the end, with the other Hanagumis.
In the manga her detiny is sad... because she's killed by Peyote in a betrayal. T____T And even if Kanna and Matilda were resurrected, Mari remains dead... ;_;
The worst thing is that she never know how life is beautiful and how a sincere smile can change your vision of the world.


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