Name: Kusame
Surname: Otomiya
Rank: Silver
Birthday; May, 1
Blood Type: AB
Role: Vice President of Imperial Academy Junior section's Student Council


Kusame is Haine's younger step-brother, an obstinate and hot-headed boy that doesn't come to call her "onee-san" because he's secretly in love with her.

This is a difficult situation for Kusame, because Haine doesn't know nothing about his feelings and tries to help him in order to find a girl. These attentions from her make him hungry because his feelings are the opposite of hers, and he can't show how intense is his love! He only wants to protect Haine and in order to do it, he goes so far as to spy and follow her because he doesn't want to leave his only love in the hands of Shizumasa's, that he considers a bastard.

Kusame is frequently annoyed and he's easy to the angry, however he's very smart and he succeed in becoming the vice president of Imperial Academy Junior section's Student Council with all his capacities, and not using money like other students of the school.
This peculiarity makes him famous, but it isn't enough to make Haine conscious of his feelings and his valor.

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