Hello! Welcome to "Let's Rule this Game of Minds", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Izumi Kohei , an extrardionary idiot character from the series World Trigger, created and illustrated by the talented Ashihara Daisuke!

Izumi is the person who captured my attention since I started to follow the series, but even if I tried and tried, there was no way I got to understand him properly. And that's the reason why I feel in love with this idiot~
He usually is noisy and easy-going, the kind of person that smiles all the time with a facial expression of someone who is always satisfied of himself. Speaking of this, he's very self-confident and full of love for battles and wars. He always has a solution for everything.

Despite the fact that he usually looks like an idiot, he's a genius.

A person that hides his real self behind the appearance of a superficial one to glean advantage from the fact that usually people understimate "normal guys". He has a lot of trion and the extraordinary ability to merge different trion abilities, creating new ones in just a second.

Due to is special intellect, he's an A-Rank agent and the first shooter in the first squad (Tachikawa Squad) among the Border organization. He also is a wondeful strategist and a warmonger that loves full attacks. To be precise, this is the reason why Yoneya nicknamed him Tamabaka (Bullet Fanatical).

Even if he's so easy-going in his usual life, when he acts like a Border agent he's always serious and reliable, focused on the easiest and fastest way to reach his goals and complete missions (wihout forgetting to have fun fighting).
He has a complicated personality and his actions are always unpredictable, so I feel like I love him more, more an more the more I read this manga!!

Izumi is so fascinating and intriguing that he could have a whole series about him, wishing with his best rival and friend Yoneya, that he nicknamed Yaribaka (Spear Fanatical)! XD
The two of them are amusing idiots that result like the best combination of ever of power and confidence in each other~

I used so much trion to make this site, so, please, choose a link from above to fully access it, and if you're a fan of this idiot, feel free to join his fandom!


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