Hello! Welcome to "You Remind Me of Myself", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Miwa Shuji , a complicated character from the series World Trigger, created and illustrated by the talented Ashihara Daisuke!

Miwa... For some reason that is not his hate for Neighbors, he is the character I feel alike the most. So the title of this site, that is "You remind me of myself" because of myself and my favorite scene of him here and here from the Large-scale Invasion Arc.

Due to the fact that his sister died during the first invasion of Neighbors happened years ago in Mikado City, Miwa hates them. He became an antisocial person who lost interest in the world and in people, at the point that now he's not interested in anything but revenging his lost sister.
He joined Border and he made a team that conquered A-Rank in a short time. He's the captain, so that is the Miwa Squad.

Miwa is a person that spends a lot of time meditating on things, he has not any special interest but killing Neighbors and avenging his sister. He thinks so much, too much. At the point that the world became distorted in his mind, and he lost the will to be happy or to find something positive to go on. But he's not a bad person, that's the reason why he saved Osamu from death using the fact that Jin promised to let him have Fujin in exchange of his help with Osamu. And Miwa saved him, but left Fujin to the Border HQ, using the poor excuse that it's difficult to use.

I like him so much and I hope he'll have the chance to change his idea about Neighbors in future, because there are splendid persons among them, like Yuma~
I'm happy he has good comrades and friends like Yosuke, Kodera and Narasaka. That ask him anything but do everything for him. definitely, he deserves happiness and I wish him the best! I also am very curious to know what we'll do with Hyuse... I hope this is his chance to change his idea about Neighbors and finding a reason to open his heart again!

Ganbatte Shuji!!

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