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    You reached My Own Justice, the fanlisting dedicated to Jin Yuichi, one of the main characters of the series World Trigger!

    With his strange but blunt personality, Jin took my breath away. Personally, I'm a kind of person that is inclined to get mad easily, maybe my love for him is even because of his extreme calmness. He's a person that is always full of himself but that surely hides a lot of things in his past. I adore the way he involves the other and in which he behaves with people that he likes. I know that maybe his unwariness is due to his Side Effect, but still, I think that he's this kind of person from the inside. And I like the fact that he wants to know people deeply, he's not a superficial person as he could seem.

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan of him! ❤ ❤


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January 31, 2015: The fanlisting is up! ❤

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