Name: Itsuki
Surname: Nakano
Birthday: May, 5
Age: 17 (Later 18)
Height: 159 cm (Later 165 cm)
Width: 55.6 kg
Blood Type:
Alias: May
Occupation: Student, Food Critic
Best Subject: Science
Seiyuu: Minase Inori

Itsuki is the fifth and younger sister among the five of them. She is diligent and serious, the kind of girl that always speaks polite and is well-mannered.
She likes meet and eating, so she is often seen eating something during the day. This passion for food is also the reason of her part-time job as food critic, that the makes usiang the alias May.
She is a tsundere and easy to get scared. She always tries to appear strong and not interested towards Futaro, but the truth is that she is very sensitive and she thinks a lot about what happens. She also cries often when she is alone.

She is very attached to her sisters, and she loves spending times with them. She is also very close to them, especially to Nino. Itsuki admires her deceased mother and in these years she tried to be like her, but she recently decided herself to become a teacher like her mother in the future, because it is what she wants for herself.

She likes children, so Raiha, that is very cute, is treated like a little sister by her.

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