You're visiting Complementary Connection, the fanlisting dedicated to the marvelous and romantic relationship between Allelujah Haptism & Marie Parfacy (Soma Peries), two characters from the series Kidou Senshi Gundam 00!

Before I'll start babbling about them and how much I love their relationship, I wanted to thank with all my heart and anything I can, the wonderful and amazing Mitzrael who let me adopt this fanlisting in september 2009! For me it's really a honour to be the owner of this fanlisting, I love this couple from the times I watched the first season of Gundam 00, they touched me deeply and, I loved to find out more about them going on with the story. I can clearly say that this is my favourite couple, so, yay, thanks to Mitzrael, I can even own something important as this place... Thanks again!!! *--*
I really tried to make my best for the layout and all, but for this explainations, I recommend you to read the page about my reasons of love!

Feel free to look around, and don't forget to join the fanlisting if you're a fan of them! :D



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September 24, 2009: Allelujah's profile, 32 new codes, members and affiliates up! :)
September 21, 2009: Finally the layout is up.. x_x

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