アレルヤ・ハプティズム is born on the second of February 2288

In the first season he's one of the four Gundam Meisters that live on the Ptolemaios and he's part of the crew. He pilotes the Gundam Kyrios.

He's very close with all the members of the Ptolemaios, but above all, he loves to stay with Sumeragi Lee Noriega that maybe considers as a mother (when he celebrates his birthday with her, we can see that he doesn't like very much to drink alcoholic drinks).

Since the first time we saw him, we realized that he has a double identity (a split personality), that we'll know better going on with the story, the one of Hallelujah, that lives inside of him. This fact will always afflict him because he will ight against this part of himself, but he will never defeat it up to the last episode.

He's a very friendly person and is always kind with everyone, during the battle he becomes serious, but he's never sure about what he does. In fact in the most of the matches, he loses or he's owned and withdraws. He would make everything he can for his companions, in fact, he's always there to save their lives if it is necessary. Instead, when it comes Hallelujah, he becomes a sorta of a mad person and starts to laugh out loud and tries to pick fights. During the battle, Hallelujah is determinated and, often, he's the one who starts to fight, but Allelujah sometimes knows how to stop him.

He can't remember his past, but all the times that he fights against Soma Peries, there's something, like flashbacks, that come in his mind.

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