Age: 17 (near 18 years old during the Sindria Arc)
Height: 168cm
Likes: trading
Weakness: gets fat easily.
Birth Place: Balbadd
Special Skill: Royal Fencing


A young man aiming to capture a dungeon. His name is based on 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves'.
He used to be a wine cart driver but during work he gained a large debt. In hopes of replaying it, he decided to capture the 7th Dungeon "Amon" with Aladdin: a boy he just met. After escaping from it, he and Aladdin were separated but, because they had captured the dungeon, he acquired its treasures. By spending it all, he became the lord of Qishan and freed all of the slaves. He spread a rumor before leaving and headed for his hometown Balbadd.
Although he was originally from the slums, after his mother past away, he was taken in by his father, Balbadd's King, as the third prince. Wherever possible, he began to study languages, economics, fencing, and more in order to learn how to become a good ruler. Hence, his forte was in Balbadd's Royal Fencing. However, his bed-ridden father died after a certain incident. Feeling as though he should take responsibility, he left Balbadd, leading to the present.


Informations Source: Wikipedia

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