Hello! Welcome to "Let me be Your Wings", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Alibaba Saluja & Morgiana , two wonderful characters from the series Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic, created and illustrated by the talented Ohtaka Shinobu!

I think that Magi is a series full of beautiful meanings and characters, but Alibaba and Morgiana are the ones that more than any other had touched my heart, their relation is simply sweet and adorable~

She was a slave and he gave her the freedom she deserved, we can say that this is the begin of them!
Morgiana started to look at Alibaba with gratitude and respect, but adventure by adventure, she falls in love with him~ I think that even if Alibaba likes her like a friend and a comrade, it doesn't mean that he loves her like a woman, but I'm sure that in future they'll be a couple!
In fact, I chose this title for the fanlisting because of a phrase of Alibaba, that said she's like his and Aladdin's wings~
Morgiana has a strong crush on him, and I really adore the moment she said she wanted to be his strength, protecting him!!

I can't wait for the development of the story! They left each other when Alibaba turns to Balbadd and she turns to the Dark Continent, but he gave her a necklace as a present, to use it as new vessel in the case her chains would be broken~

Morgiana is so cute when she's jelous of him, and I hope that they'll be the chance to become a canonic couple soon~

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