Hello! Welcome to "Vermilion Sorcerer", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Tohsaka Rin , a heroine from the huge Fate/stay night franchise, created and developed by Type-Moon!

Rin is the character that made me get into the series.
She is a tsundere, so she has a lot of problems with people (especially Shiro) because of her personality. She is proud and powerful. Her will to win the war for the Holy Grail took her to make an alliance with Shiro, but she learns much more than that. She finds a personal way to respect more her feelings, and to try to trust people even if she grew up with the idea that losing again some precious one and make the hole in her heart bigger would have crushed her eventually.

Her development is awesome. I love the way she sincerely smiles when she is happy and how angry she gets when something wrong happens. She is very natural when she tries to be more honest with herself, and I also love her relation with Saber, because Rin consider her not a servant but a friend to trust and that trust her back. I also love her relation with Archer. It is simply delicious. They are a perfect match and I can't ask for more to make Rin happy~

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