Hello! Welcome to "King of Heroes", the TFL and the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Gilgamesh from Fate/stay night, a villain and a damned controversial character that is also known as Archer for the Fate/Zero anime, manga and games series, created and developed by Type-Moon!

Gilgamesh is my favorite male character from the Fate/stay night series. The one that can make me feel happy and angry and other millions of feelings at the same time, because he's so unpredictable that his actions are always a surprise. And since he's not a kind-hearted or a positive or a gentle person, he spends the most of his time doing evil and dirty things in order to destroy the world and making a new one. In fact, Gilgamesh is not a her. He's the king of the heroes and he loves humanity as mush as he hates individuals. This is controversial, but still... it's him. He's able of everything. I have to admit that he's so evil that sometimes I'd like to slap him in the face, but... he has a marvelous personality. And he's not the kind of villain that change his idea just because of a loss. He's a bastard and he remains like that forever, but his personality is so fashinating that's impossible having not a strong opinion about him.

I'm disappoited about the way he was treated in the Unlimited Blade Works route, but I can't help but thinking that after killing Illya in that heartles way to get her heart to accomplish his planes and to have fun, he just got what he deserved. And Shiro is omnipotent, I know. Anyway, looking at him in the Fate/Zero series is interesting, because he's Archer there, but still someone who calls mongrel everyone on the Earth.

Anyway, this self-centered bastard is not just the servant that have to win the Holy Grail. He's more a god that judges humans, masters and people and easily manipulate them to accomplish his goals. But still... he has a special charisma and I can't help but loving him so much, more than anyone else in the Fate series~

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