Hello! Welcome to "Kiss of Death", the TAFL and the Hana to Yume approved fanlisting dedicated to Shampoo , one of the greatest characters from the series Ranma ½, created and illustrated by Takahashi Rumiko!

Shampoo is my favorite character sinse always, she's simply adorable!!!
Energic, smart and beauty, the kind of person that knows well what is her goal and the way to obtain it, whatever it takes~
She's spontaneous and determinated, and her pure love for Ranma is like an obsession, because she considers her rivals like enemies to kill in order to get the realization of her dream of love.
The most, I love her adorable personality~ She never give up and even if many times she feels refused by her beloved Ranma, she continues to follow her heart, until the end.
Shampoo looks strong, and people rarely think that she as a kind and a weak side too, like every girl in this world. The reason she appears like a mortal enemy for everyone is that she's a great fighter and she can't leave her beloved Ranma to another girl. She wants to be his bride and his only lover~

Unluckily. her dream of love seems that can't be fulfilled, but she doesn't care about how difficult it could be, she'll always do her best in order to don't have any regrets. Also, Shampoo's way to speak is adorable, because since she's Chinese she uses a lot of words from this language~ She's so pretty and she's able to show his womanhood even when she's fighting or she's kicking Ranma! XD Shampoo is not the kind of person that can accept to be defeated by someone, so she always uses tricks to win her matches, even if they're not honest~ Lastly, she's adorable when she wets herself with water. becoming a lovely, pink kitty!!

That's a pity if the series ended with no results for her and her attempts to become Ranma's wife, but I'm sure that she could be happy even with Mousse, the person that truly loved her with all the heart.
May Shampoo accept his feelings, one day? Maybe, we can say evenly that she's happy, whatever she should do, because she's a person that is always searching for her own happiness~

This fanlisting was originally ran by the kind Buruma, that I want to thank a million for letting me adopt it!! Thank you from the deep of my heart, I hope to give a warm home to Shampoo forever!!!

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