You reached BELLUM, the fanlisting dedicated to Sena Izumi, one of the characters of the mobile game Ensemble Stars!!

    After tons and tons of misadventures... THIS FANLISTING LIVES!!! A fanlisting for a fundamental member of Knights, a fighting soul that in spite of what happens around him and kills him inside. manages to go on. He's stubborn, always with something to say in order to complain about everything. HE'S A TSUNDERE. Sometimes (?) he's a pervert too. And not sometimes, it is very common that he's like this. Anyway, the truth is that he's one of the most caring characters of the series. He cares a lot about Knight's members and for his kohai. So then, this is kind of the reason why I decided to name the fanlisting "Bellum" that is the latin word for "War". I thought that he fights, he always fights with everyone and everything, included himself. Whatever you will say to him, he will reply that it is annoying, "uzaaaai", "chooou uzai". But he's so kind when he starts to smile and to praise you. It is a miracle, but it happens even if you're not MakoYuuki. This prince is a person you have to know to fully understand his point of view or how he feels or what he feels. But at the end he will always amaze you, no matter what. Or at least, it is what he does with me... though it is not always positive. He still has to tell me which magic he used to charm me. I can't even understand. AAAAAH, let's mention that his only god is Leo. He's the light of his eyes. As Izumi daksjsa for me. Izumi has two beautiful eyes, I love them.

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August 13, 2016: The fanlisting is up! ❤

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