Hello! Welcome to "My Precious", the TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Asahina Satoru , the main hero from the light novel, manga and anime series Shinsekai Yori (also known as From the New World), written by the awesome Kishi Yusuke!

Satoru is my favorite character since always~
He's the kind of boy that never surrender, whatever it takes! And he always takes care of his friends, that he considers like a treasure (especially Saki, obviously).
He's pretty skilled with the manipulation of his power and he's the one that since the childhood has been able to control it in useful and smart ways!

Also, he's a sincere person of strong feelings that always says what he thinks, with no fear of the others. His will to find the truth and to live happily with his friends is one of the things that will make him a wonderful man, to count on!

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Asahina Satoru & Watanabe Saki

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