Hello! Welcome to "Truth is never on one side", the TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Asahina Satoru & Watanabe Saki, the main heroes from the light novel, manga and anime series Shinsekai Yori (also known as From the New World), written by the awesome Kishi Yusuke!

Satoru and Saki are the characters that more than any others represent a side of the world that people always try to hide. I'm not speaking of the usual, real world only, but of our personal, little world inside of us, the one that we create and use as we prefer, to live quietly.
Satoru and Saki live in a village where the rules and the way to live are based on the will of the ones that represent the authorities for the civilization, but the truth is that they just try to create a perfect and "sane" world, deleting everything they think should become "dangerous" in future for everyone.
The major part of the people do accept the situation, but there are brave and strong guys ready to find the truth about the village, their story and their own lives.
Satoru and Saki are the best example of people that decide to find the truth, whatever it takes, and that fight with all themselves for their comrades' sake, risking their life without esitation.

Satoru and Saki represent the will and the courage to find the truth, the strength, the good feelings and the kindness. They're the heroes of a world that needs to be changed from inside, and surely they fulfil the requirements~
They are childhood friends and the main story is about them, showing us what is happening when they grow up, changing their vision of the world but not their will to live in peace, together~

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Asahina Satoru

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