Hello! Welcome to "It's Just Your Foolish Pride", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Serizawa Layla (nicknamed by everyone as Reira) , a marvelous character from the series NANA, created and illustrated by Yazawa Ai!

Reira is my favorite character from NANA and my love for her is so deep~
She's the vocalist of the popular band Trapnest, that decided to dedicate her whole life to music. Because of this, she had to sacrifice everything else, sometimes her own happiness too.
She is not a student anymore, but her heart is the one of an adolescent. That's the reason why she falls in love with Shin, and even if she's seven years older than him, she thinks Shin is the person of her destiny.

Unluckily, she can't be happy with Shin, but she continues to go on with all her dedication to music, in a life that she made to be the one able to express her feelings with the rhythm of music, and the melody of the heart.
I really admire her a lot and I love her voice and her songs!

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a little pain (NANA ED1) Komatsu Nana & Okazaki Shin'Ichi

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