Name: Layla
Aka: Reira
Surname: Serizawa
Band: Trapnest
Role: Vocalist



She is the half-American, half-Japanese lead singer of Trapnest who writes the lyrics for Trapnest's songs. Though her name is often romanized as "Reira," she is actually named "Layla" after the hit song by Eric Clapton. She secretly has trysts with Shin. Though in love with him, she eventually broke up with him to protect Trapnest from further scandal. She asked if they could still contact each other but Shin is reticent and urges her to break off entirely. It is unknown if they will reconcile though it is clear that they still love each other. Layla grew up with Takumi and she is in love with him. Takumi, however, continues to treasure her as a sister and not a lover. Layla has admitted that she is in love with Shin as well.


Informations Source: Wikipedia

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