Hello! Welcome to "70% LIES", the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Oma Kokichi , the most awesome and controversial character ever from the game Danganrompa V3: Killing Harmony, created and developed by Spike Chunsoft!

Oma is the Ultimate Supreme Leader. He rules an evil and secret organization that counts more than 10.000 members... he says.
He is a cinic and sadistic person that uses theatrical expressions and moves to express whatever comes to his mind. The funny (?) thing is that he is a liar. But not a random liar, he is the king of liars, because what he says, almost everything is a lie. That's why I joke with this and say that he is the Ultimate Liar~

Anyway, Oma is the character that totally upset my conception of good and evil in this game and in my mind. He totally crushed it like doing a "Break!" with my brain too. I personally felt attacked everytime he said "It's a lie", or "It's true", because I can't know what the fuck is true and what is a lie from his words. I won't put spoilers here, so if you want to read something more about him, and also my opinion about this liar, go to the related section, his profile. Because I can't resist anymore to put not spoilers here.

Oma really is the greatest character that Kodaka-san wrote about.
I can't even believe he made such a masterpiece with him. I want to know more about Oma. More. More. Mooooooooore. MORE. So, please, Kodaka-san, if you would ever find this site, you know that among the huge Oma's fandom there is a woman in love that is still waiting for knowing fsashudbasdjsadbjsd------ I can't spoil people that are still playing the game. But I want to know more. I want to know more about him, pretty please.

Please, choose a link from wherever you want to fully access the site, and if you're a fan of Oma , feel free to join his fandom!


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