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Hello! Welcome to "Nihilist", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kumagawa Misogi , a character from the series Medaka Box, created and illustrated by the talented Nisio Isin and Akatsuki Akira!

Finding a single word to describe him is simply impossible, writing a treaty about him can't guarantee us to explain better the kind of person that Misogi is.
He's one of the most enigmatic characters I've ever met and it's impossibile understanding what's in his thoughts.
Misogi's personality is not delinetaed, and when we think that he's saying a thing, he wants to mean someting else.

He always smile, but he's not happy... many times he wants to appear like his interlocutor wants, or like the situation needs.
We can understand little parts of the real himself chapter by chapter, and the truth is about chapter 100, so I can't spoil you so brutally here. He's so amazing and mysteryous, maybe the best character of the series~

Feel free to read the proper section for major informations, and if you're a fan of Misogi, feel free to join his fandom!


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