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Hello! Welcome to "in a fair way", a fanlisting dedicated to Akune Kouki , an awesome character from the e series Medaka Box, created and illustrated by the talented Nisio Isin and Akatsuki Akira!

I consider Akune-senpai one of the most interesting characters of the series, maybe the one that more than any other changed himself in order to become a better person. The "old" Akune-senpai is completely different than the actual one, and in fact he was a thug, called "The Destroyer" by his schoolmates. He hadn't a real reason to go on, and it's thanks to Medaka if he found it. Now he became a good guy and the secretary of the Student Council.
Also, he's a champion of judo and because of this and his charming he's called "Prince of Judo"~

I adore Akune-senpai, I'd like to see more good guys like him!

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