Name: Misogi
Surname: Kumagawa
Minus Name: All Fiction, Book Maker



A young man who was once the Student Council President of his middle school. Much to Medaka and Zenkichi's horror, Misogi transfers into Hakoniwa Academy after the destruction of the Flask Plan. A nihilist who believes that there is no point to life or reason to be born, he has absorbed all the negative aspects of the people he met; he failed at everything and lost to everyone at everything. Medaka attempted to sympathize with him and reform him, like she had done to her other classmates, but Misogi proved to be beyond her influence. Though it hasn't been explicitly shown, it is known that he killed one of his classmates in front of Medaka, which led her to attack him in a fit of rage, resulting in him leaving the school. Upon realizing that she couldn't help him, which went against everything she believed herself to be capable of, she was left emotionally scarred. The scar has still not yet healed, as this day she still berates herself over not being able to do anything positive for him. Medaka describes him as a compulsive liar who places no meaning in trust or doubt, while Hitomi Hitoyoshi considers him a developmental depravity. Misogi describes Hitomi Hitoyoshi as his "first love" and is obsessively infatuated with her. His inability to understand others results in him describing Zenkichi merely as a "boring guy" who should be completely dismissed for being ordinary. However, he views humans as humans and still experiences shock and pain when those who stood by his side, such as Akune and Emukue, leave him for another person. Kumagawa is eventually defeated by Medaka during the battle against the Student Council and admits his admiration for Medaka, whose extraordinary nature allows even her enemies to rally in her support. He subsequently accepts Medaka's offer to become the Vice President of the Student Council, completing the group's ranks, and providing the necessary opposition and ruthlessness that Medaka wanted in order to balance the viewpoints of her executives. As a negative person by nature who could kill a person just as easily as he could breathe, Kumagawa thinks nothing of the lives of the people around him and could take them away easily. Despite the immensely negative personality he possesses, he has a purely positive look regarding himself and is always seen smiling. As a child, he was tested for any abnormalities, but was believed to be normal. It is now believed that his abnormality stems from his negative outlook, and on its own it is far too great to be detected or measured. He possesses the Minus ability "All Fiction" which allows him to deny reality absolutely. With it, he can take any action done and undo it, and take anything that was made and unmake it. Wounds he inflicts can be instantly cured as if they never were, because they weren't, and people who can see can be made blind as if they had never seen, since they hadn't. This ability is so strong and so immense, Kumagawa himself confesses that should he lose control, the entire world would be unmade. The ability's one weakness is that the only thing it can't undo is itself: anything it unmade or undid cannot be remade or redone by it's action alone. This ability, however, is not his original Minus; "All Fiction" was a Minus that resulted when he altered a separate ability granted him by Ajimu Najimi. His original Minus is a skill called "Book Maker", which allows him to make anyone it touches just as weak as he is, experience the same emotional turmoil he has and, potentially, become a Minus themselves.


Information Source: Wikipedia

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