Hello! Welcome to "Individualist", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Narumiya Mei , an awesome character from the series Daiya no Ace (better known as Ace of Diamond), created and illustrated by the awesome Terajima Yuuji!

Narumiya is Inashiro's ace, a very gifted pitcher who has a natural talent for baseball~

He'is great in every kind of roles, but his strong point and his vocation is pitching (it's always amusing seeing his enthusiastic smile when he thinks "Nagetai!", that means "I want to pitch!").
He's considered the best one of Kanto region, and beacuse of this, he got the title of Prince of the Capital.
He has a strong and arrogant personality, that makes him so egocentric that many times he disobeys not just his comrades (and captain's) guidelines, but the ones of the coach.
Narumiya thinks that every pitcher is an egoist, but his way to make a baseball match is more like one against a whole team than a team against a team. This is because Narumiya is so overconfident that he considers the others as a way to take control of the mound, and to pitch. Pitch, pitch, pitch and pitch.

I think he's one of the best characters of the series, and his personal development is awesome. Because he starts as a total egoist that can't see anything but pitching, and becomes someone who understands how important his comrades are. And it's not just this, because in past he selected the best baseball players he found in the middle schools, trying to create the strongest team ever (the only one he wasn't able to persuade is Miyuki Kazuya, who chose Seido instead of Inashiro).

Surely he'll always be such an egoist and an egocentric one, but he'll never lose again the chance to put all his strength and dreams on the diamond, his diamond, where he's destined to pitch with that n.1 he has on his back, the n.1 of the ace~

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