You reached Play with your Heart, the fanlisting dedicated to the baseball team Seido from the series Daiya no A (Ace of Diamond)!

    Seido is the team I root for~ ♡ It is not because it is the main team of the series (of course I like other teams too...!), but because of the atmosphere that is in the air when they're around. Then, I think it is really impossible not to grow attached to them, they're all different but united by the same fighting spirit and mostly from friendship~ As for the layout, I was unsure because I wanted the third years (;_;) to be there, but at the end I think I will make an alternative graphic once the new team will be full-formed. I will always continue to ask myself "Why is Seido so unlucky with injuries?" T.T Ah, please, watch out for the spoilers in the About section!! >w<

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan! *--*


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May 10, 2014: The fanlisting is up! ❤


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