Hello! Welcome to "Perfect Catcher", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Miyuki Kazuya , a wonderful character from the series Daiya no Ace (better known as Ace of Diamond), created and illustrated by the awesome Terajima Yuuji!

Miyuki-boy is my favorite character and I'm in love with him since I started to understood the kind of person he is.
It was not a love at the first sight, because I started to appreciate him with the development of the story. But I have to admit that he impressed me since his first apparition, because of his charismatic personality and his trolling attitude~

He usually is a sincere and funny person, but he can be serious when it's time to work hard. And speaking of it, he's considered a genius, but even if he's a very talented player, he made a lot of sacrifices to obtain the strength he needed to become a great catcher, and some people can't understand how hardly he worked to be this strong~

Understanding what he's thinking is impossible, because he uses jokes to say the truth, but... he's a great person from the bottom of the heart, and even if sometimes he tries to trick the others just for fun, we can be sure he has enough guts to prove he can do everything with his incredible will to overcoming his limits. Furthermore, he's ready to be hated from everyone if it does mean making his comrades stronger and stronger.

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