You reached The thing that counts is what is Inside, the fanlisting dedicated to Akiyama Mio, one of the main character of the series K-On!.

    I like a lot Mio because she's an adorable girl and doesn't want to be a protagonist! *--* Though she's very skilled with the bass, she always tries to stay back in comparison to the other girls because she's too shy. I like very much this peculiarity, especially because she's so good even technically that the other girls of the group ask her when they need help! *_*❤ Anyway, she can't hide her skill with the others, in fact, after a concert, she will become very popular and will got a lot of fans! *--* I like too the fact that, even if she's super shy, she becomes strict when it comes about Ritsu and what she does, because she's her best friend and she wants the best for her. I think that a good friend like her is kinda hard to find nowadays... T.T

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join, if you're a fan!


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