Hello! Welcome to "Music Comes to Life", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Nakano Azusa , a lovely guitarist from the series K-On!, created by Kakifly and Kyoto Animation!

Azusa is my favorite character since always and I adore her crazy personality.
She tries to appear strong and self-confident with the others, but truly she's pretty shy and unsure. She says that the passion for music is the most important thing of her life, but it's not like that. She hides the desire to have a lot of friends, and because of this, she always try to do her best to be sincere. Unluckily, she always gets into trouble herself, but thanks to her spontaneithy, she's so cute in every circumstance!

A special thanks to the sweet Kathy, that let me adopt this fanlisting in May 2011.
Thank you with all the heart, dear, I'll take care of it forever!!

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