MIKAGE with Teito


   Mikage and Teito are what the first one has always defined "Saiko no Tachi" (best friends). Mikage many times will tell him that they will always remain like this.

   They knew each other when they attended the military academy and from that moment on, even if Teito was always alone and didn't wanted to share anything with other people, Mikage tried to involve him in everything he made, starting from meals and similar.

   With his outgoing personality, Mikage menaged to change a bit Teito's character: in fact, he started to believe in what his friend said, he could finally believe that friendship really existed. And it was because Mikage was always there to help him when he needed something, when he was in trouble with stupid mates or just when he needed to think "I'm alive because there's someone that believe in me".

   Love started to grow up in both of them and they became inseparable. For Teito, Mikage became his light, someone that was like God to him. Unfortunately, all that is good, once or before have an end. From the moment in which Ayanami will keep an eye on Teito, Mikage will become his hostage. In fact, when Teito will be prisoned, it will be him to free his best friend, even if it meant to make an illegal thing.

   Mikage will surely pass a very bad time because of this: Ayanami will blackmail him, saying that if he won't tell him about Teito, he will kill his sister. The boy will obviously choose the way he believes the most: Teito IS part of his family, it won't be a matter for him, but the thing he wants to do is to protect him no matter what. Then, Ayanami kills him and gets possession of his body and then will fight against Teito with that, the one of the person that he loves this much. When Mikage's body will be about to die, his soul will have the chance to greet and cheer him for the last time, with a melancholy "Daisuki da, Teito" (I love you, Teito).

   Thanks to Frau's help, Mikage's soul will continue to live in Burupya's body, and Teito will always take it with him, handling it with care and worring about it as he made with his friend.

   I personally think that friends like Mikage are quite impossible to find, but knowing that at least in manga there are some of them is really a very good thing! :D

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