Age: 15
Birthday: March 03
Blood: 0
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Favourite colour: orange
Particularities: a scar on his right cheek
Seiyuu: Namikawa Daisuke



   Mikage is a very cheerful boy, a friend that everyone would like to have.
Since his first appearance, he's always near Teito, and never leaves his side. He's very caring with him, that is the person who he considers his best friend. Usually, Mikage is the happy character, everything he makes is always made of awesomeness because it is what he likes. He wants to become a soldier, and because of this, he attends the Academy of Barsburg together with Teito.
   He's very easy-going, but when it needs, he knows how to become serious. Above all, he knows that what he wants is to make happy the person he loves, that are represented by his family and his best friend of always.
   He's very skilled both in hand-to-hand fights and in using the Zaiphon. Even during a fight, he always thinks to help his friends that are in trouble. Obviously, he worries the most for the others that for his life.

   When Ayanami finds out where Teito is, he starts to know better that place to take him, but is Teito the one who remembers that it was him the one who killed his father, so decides to attack him. The final result is that Teito will be put in jail, but Mikage will decide to help him no matter what. So, one night, he helps Teito to get out of there and to escape from that place. Unfortunately, Ayanami sees that his relationship with Teito is too important for both of them, and decides to threaten Mikage, so he kidnaps him and then he considers two conditions: or he decides to say where Teito is, or he will kill his sister.

   After thinking of what to do, Mikage will chose to help his friend, because for him Teito is part of his family. Following this way, Ayanami will kill him and then take posses of his body, up to the moment in which he will fight against Teito. Mikage's soul will always be part of Mikage's body, even when it became just a kor: after the fight against Teito, it will be purified by Zehel and his soul will have the chance to see and hug Teito for the last time.

   It will always be Frau the one who will look for a little dragon who could host Mikage's soul: in fact, he will continue to protect Teito because staying by his side was the last wish he had before dying. Mikage will keep an eye on his friend as a Fyulong (a little pink dragon) and will be called Burupya (burupya is the only word it can say) from all but Teito that will always call him Mikage. From that moment on, Mikage will be Teito's light, who will always look for a way to let he turn back as a human.

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