You reached Pure Light, the fanlisting dedicated to Mikage, character of the manga/anime 07-Ghost!

    When I start to read the manga, I couldn't resist to request a fanlisting for him, since it wasn't already there. I like him since his first appearance, in particular because he is a shining and good guy, and I love his manners and devotion for his friend Teito.

    If I say more, I could spoil something to people who just started to read the manga XD So I'll talk more about him in the about section. I hope to make a good job with extras too! ^o^

    So, if you're a fan of him, please, consider to join the fanlisting!! :D



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Teito Klein


March 24, 2010: The fanlisting reached 50 members, thank you!!
February 21, 2010:
Added every kind of image and icons! :D
February 20, 2010:
Added the relationship with Teito and the story! ^-^
February 19, 2010:
The new version is up! :D It was good to clean the Mikage I used in the main image, I think it fully expresses his personality!<3
October, 15 2009: Added Mikage's profile! :)
July 23, 2009: The fanlisting reached 25 members, thank you very much!! *-*
May 29, 2009: Added 52 new codes! *--*
April 27, 2009: Added the screenshots of the second and of the third episodes! :D
April 07, 2009: I started to update the image gallery with the screenshots of the first episode of the anime! I hope that all the episode will be so well-made as this! *--*
April 04, 2009: The fanlisting is up!! :)?

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