Hi! Welcome to "Piece of Heaven" the TAFL approved fanlisting for Ouka & Teito Klein , two amazing heroes from the splendid series 07-GHOST, created and illustrated by Amemiya Yuki (story) and Ichihara Yukino (draws) !

Teito is a special person, because he hides a God inside of him. This God is called Mikhael and he lives in Mikhael's Eye, a jem that Teito hides in his right hand. He thinks to be the only one with an incredible (and over-controlled) power like this one, but in the development of the story, he meets Ouka, owner of Raphael's Eye. That meeting remembers something to them, but their memories aren't clear. The truth is that they met for the first time in their childhood.

They share a similar past and now that they met each other again, we can be sure that they'll share a future together.
Ouka is the imperial princess of Barsburg, Teito is the imperial prince of Raggs Kingdom, two places that were always in war.
But Teito and Ouka are quiet persons that could create a pacific world, we really can believe in a future for this couple!

I coloured a lot of their images from the manga, so have a look into the shrine section if you want, I inserted them as signatures and icons.
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