Hi! Welcome to "Cradle of CHAOS", the TAFL approved fanlisting for Mikhael , the crazy, hot-headed and absolutely cool God of Destruction from the amazing manga and anime 07-GHOST, created and illustrated by the great Amemiya Yuki (story) and Ichihara Yukino (draws) !

Mikhael is located in the "Eye of Mikhael", a jem that Teito's father hid in his right hand when he was a baby. The power of Mikhael is the one that only the successor of Raggs Kingdom can hide in his body, and since that moment Mikhael was sealed like in an eternal dream.

But Mikhael can feel Teito's feeling. He can see his heart and for this reason he'll never hurt someone that he loves, because he considers him his "master".

Mikhael's character is very interesting (he has a strange personality to be a God, he's childish and hot-headed... and we can't forget, very arrogant! XD), it's impossibile to don't love him. I adore him, so I made this graphics coloring the bigger Mikhael of the header.

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