Hello! Welcome to "Behind a Smile", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Yui Meroko/Rykyo Moe , a beautiful character from the series Full Moon wo Sagashite, created and illustrated by the awesome Tanemura Arina!

Meroko is the person that many years ago made me fall in love with this series. At the begin I thought she was pretty, and I love Arina-sensei's draws and stories, so I bought a volume without knowing a thing about this one. And... I was so touched. I read my whole Full Moon collection a lot of times and I never stop feelings always the same bitter-sweet sensation in my heart. Because this manga is full of feelings. Happiness, sadness, despair, hope... Regrets. Will to go on. Meroko is the girl who lost everything in life and had nothing as a half-shinigami, but she still fought with everything she had to find a reason to live. Without knowing who she really was in life, without being loved by the person she was devoted. She was so lonely... And her feelings and how she grew as person were so... touching. I love this girl with all the heart and I wish her happiness, the best and biggest happiness a person could have in life and in heaven. Because Meroko's heart is so pure, but I don't mean she's a saint. I mean she has strong feelings toward the world, that she shows with smiles and tears. And even if she tries to reject the world, people and and her life, in the end she found a way to be happy again, and to love again, with all her heart.

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